GetMuv Partner Center

An advanced platform created to add various sports activities. The simple design helps you to save your time, manage your business efficiently and achieve your goals.

GetMuv Partner Center Features:

◉ Add and manage all your services

◉ Receive bookings online

◉ Reach thousands of new users and all sports enthusiasts

◉ Allow customers to book their session at the time convenient to them

◉ Receive payments online

◉ The evaluation feature helps you yo measure your customer satisfaction

◉ Create a 3D virtual tour for your place (your clients will be able to experience and walk around the club / studio)

Own a gym or a studio?

Are you a sports coach for a specific activity (diving / soccer / tennis / yoga ... etc)?

Wherever you are in the KSA!

You can now join our network which gives you the opportunity to grow and enable you to reach new users!!

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